by [Yons]



This song was inspired by Romans 8:24, 25. Psalm 37:7-9, Psalm 46:10, Psalm 40:1 I waited patiently and expectantly for the Lord; and He inclined to me and heard my cry.


I ain't wrote in a minute, I just decided to chill,
right outside of the Ville, they call in Kentuckiana,
A lot of fields, lotta misguided zeal,
as seen in confederate flags on the backs of campers,
I'm like chill, why is it still, 1960, Mobile
but honestly, that don't really bother me,
ironically we had a better chance back then,
speaking specifically to black men,
if another young cat come and ask me again,
if I want a nickel bag of that hashis, sadness
but if i'm action-less then I'm just as bad,
can't be passive but if my reaction ain't compassionate,
then its just as sad, so for now I just Chill,
and practice what is real, in the real world
and not just in the lab, sometimes you gotta Chill
Theres a time to Kill and time to be still,
yea thats right a time to Chill
sometimes you gotta Chill
theres a time to kill and a time to be still,
I ain't killing time if I chill

Verse 2:
I grew up in church, hearing a lot of theory,
never checked to see if what I adhered was heresy, or hearsay, I just believed because inherently, we see ourselves in the mirror, and the inerrancy
is a given, in what we're given, in our origin,
for many its religion,
compare it to fiction, then you gone bear the friction,
I'm like Chill,
If its real, then the questions that have risen,
should cause it to strengthen,
deny my search warrant, thats just gone raise suspicion,
so now we face division,
thinking 'bout how we gone, stay positioned, together,
and raise children
but on the real, when we chill, its not a big deal,
in due time God will reveal,
so lets listen to his voice when we kneel,
and if he dont say nothing,
sit still, still
and just chill
In my room, in my space, solitude
I'm just gone wait, till I feel the weight
of what i'ma do
in your space, in your sky
how should I shine
Oh my God
who I am, you define x3


released April 16, 2012
Produced by Knaladeus. Keys by Alvin Trotman. Mixed and Mastered by Israel Musiq.



all rights reserved


[Yons] Louisville, Kentucky

Original Hip-Hop artist with a unique perspective on the world. Born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL now residing in Louisville, KY.

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